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Soft And Romantic Images

One of the trademark styles of Ken Pugh Wedding Photography is the creation of beautiful, soft, romantic images such as the image on the right. I manufacture my own soft filters, and work with my subjects to ensure that the settings, lighting and wardrobe are perfect for these images. Picture Of Woman Beside Creek
Portrait Of Mercedes The beautiful lady pictured here lives in Mexico City. How could one not resist capturing her beauty on film?
This image was created using the 'selective focus' technique I normally use for wildflowers. Mercedes was a perfect subject for this type of image. Portrait Of Mercedes
Boudoir Image For this 'Boudoir' image, I created the dream-like quality using a combination of soft-image techniques . . . hair spray and vaseline.
This portrait of a teaching collegue was created to replicate the 'Old Masters' painting style. ISO 400 slide film was pushed to 1600 to create a grainy texture. Old Masters Style Image
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Portraits In Nature

Many years ago, my first experience with portraiture was to create a portfolio of a lady in a natural setting. This seemed a natural extension of my love of nature.

My favourite natural location in the world is only 40 minutes from my doorstep. The portraits of the 'Lady In Pink' were some of many taken at this beautiful location. Rock and water combine to form a fantastic and enchanting landscape.

Woman Posing On Large Rock In Stream

You can see why this location is my first choice to set up my 'Studio'.

Woman Posing On Log

In the image above, the model is part of the total landscape and is feeling not just the wood and the rock, but sensing the wind, sound of the water, and smell of the summer flowers.

Woman Posing In Creek

What better way to relax on a hot summer day. The water is soooo refreshing.

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Country Images

Ever since I was a young boy, I have loved the country. Old barns and houses have a particular appeal and many of my portrait ideas incorporate these familiar structures. The symmetry of the human form, combined with the texture of old barn wood can be compelling.
Man Posing In Barn Window

Woman Posing By Barn Wall
Light picks up the warm colour of old barn wood and bring that quality into the images. Bold colours such as pink or blue provide a nice contrast with the darkness of a barns interior. White is also an effective colour.
Portrait Of Betty Portrait Of Betty
Earth tones, such as the greys in the sweater below, can also compliment the barn's colours. Her blue eyes and light hair were bonus colours. In all my portrait photography, attention to colour details are extremely important.
Portrait At Barn Door
Betty's red hair was a perfect colour to compliment the fall colours in the background. Portrait Of Betty
Sunlight On Charlotte's Foot In this image, a beam of sunlight lasted for only a moment and provided a perfect leading line to Charlotte's foot.
I love making use of barn windows, as they provide a perfect frame. Portrait Of Betty
Portrait Behind Barn Window In this image the barn window was glassed with age, which contributed to the rustic feeling I was trying to achieve.
This image uses a window screen to provide texture. Portrait Behind Screen
Portrait In Wheat Field With this image, colour is everything. The blue sweater and the gold of the wheat go well together.
The sensualness of the warm summer sun is very strong in this image. Wheatfields in the late summer are a perfect location.
Portrait In Wheat Field
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Graphic Photo Design

This is one of my favourite areas of photography. Working with light and shapes have endless creative possibilities. Silhouette Of Woman's Legs
Silhouettes are magical, and present endless possibilities for creative expression.
Back Lit Shoulder Rim lighting is so effective in black and white.
Side lighting brings out the muscular structure of this bodybuilder. Side Lit Bodybuilder
Bodyscapes blend the natural curves of the human form and shapes found in nature. The human form features should not be readily distinguishable. This example reminds me of sand dunes I once visited in North Africa.
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Children And Families

Who can resist taking images of wee babies ? This image combined a portrait on Andy and Enya with another of my favourite subjects . . . old barns. The buttercup just happened to be there to add a little contrast. Father & Daugher In Barn Doorway
Tammy's Big Eyes As with most portrait subjects, the image is centered in the eyes. Tammy's big, dark eyes hold you to the image.
An afternoon at a ballet class provided dozens of beautiful images.
Ballet School
'Boys And Their Toys' is the title of this image. We never seem to grow out of the need to make things go fast.
Go Cart Racer
My neighbours look great in their garden.
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