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Wedding Package Options
There are two main packages to choose from. All the Digital Images Are Included.
Package 1 - $795

The wedding ceremony and all formal and informal photos. All the high quality digital images are included in the price, no matter how many there are! There will be an average of 350 - 650 digital images taken and included on 3 DVD's. No extra costs for splitting the photo session before and after the ceremony. No extra costs for traveling from location to location. Aside from possible long-distance travel costs, $795 is ALL you pay! Everything else is included. Family photos wanted? No extra charge. No "ta-ching, ta-ching" every time you want an extra service.
Package 2 - $995

Same as Package 1, with the addition of the reception & engagement included. There will be an average of 500 - 1,000 high quality digital images taken and included on 3 DVD's. All the speeches, candids of your reactions, cake cutting, main dances, garter and bouquet tossing (if done early) will be covered. I do not disappear after the first dance! Quality portraits will be taken of all of your family and friends present. I will set up a 17" lap-top at your reception where you and your guests can view all the photos I have taken during the day and evening. I will burn your photo's onto a DVD and give it to you at the reception. There is no waiting. Included - Engagement photos taken at my residence in Chilliwack. Aside from possible long-distance travel costs - $995 is ALL you pay. Everything else is included.


Why pay $40 - $50 for each 5x7" when you can have your own images printed for as low as $0.40 each ?
Why pay $60 - $80 for each 8x10" when you can have your own enlargements made for $5.99?
You burn your own custom CD's or DVD to give to friends and family. You print only what you want to print ! No unnecessary costs. I will give you all your photo's on 3 DVD's during the reception. No long waiting time to receive your photos. Same day service!
Bride & Groom

How Many Photos Do I Get ?

Many of the studio packages offer you package sets of 40 to 100 photos, sometimes even pre-selected by them. How many photos you receive from me will vary, but I create high quality images by the hundred! Some brides will receive up to 900+ photos! Just how many images you receive depends upon factors that I have no control of, so that is why it is difficult to state in every option package an exact number of images. I have never taken fewer than 400 photos for a wedding, but how many more will depend upon ALL of the below:

1. Size of the wedding party. I have photographed as few as a party of four and as large as a party of 32! (whew, that was one huge wedding!!!)

2. Size of the families and friends. I have photographed family groups as small as four and as large as 300+

3. Length of the service. They range from 20 minutes to two hours.

4. If there is a receiving line at the back of the church after the ceremony. These can absorb up to one hour of your photo time. Consider having your receiving line at the reception before or after the dinner.

5. Travel time from the church to the park to the reception. Travel time also cuts into your photo time.

6. The time allowed for photos between the service and the reception. I have been given as few as 20 minutes to as long as four hours. Three hours is perfect!

7. How organized is everyone? Your favourite uncle who disappears to drive 40 minutes back to the hotel to change his socks may not make it into the family photos.

Bride & Groom

What Are the Benefits ?

Quality wedding photography at a price you can afford! You will save hundreds to thousands of dollars!

A photographer with over 30 years of wedding experience.

A mix of fun shots, romantic, candids, semi-formal and formal images.

At the reception, a quality portrait will be taken of every guest. You will have an up-to-date digital photo album of your family and friends at No Extra Cost!

With Package 2, a rotating slide show will be displayed on a 17" monitor of all the images taken before and during the reception.

All the images are included with both packages...and you own them all!

You will receive your DVD at the waiting!

You get complete coverage for the full day. From your home to: the ceremony, the photo sessions and all the important dances. All included in your package at no extra cost!

Bride & Groom

Travel Costs:

I am based in Chilliwack, yet photograph weddings from Vancouver Island to the Okanagan. The only fee I charge other than my basic rate is for travel and in some cases, accommodation. All other costs including taxes are included in my basic rate. Do the math - even with my travel costs included, you will still save hundreds of dollars over most local wedding packages.

Agassiz, Harrison, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Mission, Hope - no charge

Langley, Delta, Surrey, Maple Ridge - $75.00

Richmond, Vancouver - $100.00

Vancouver Island - $250.00 plus ferry fare and one night accommodation.

Okanagan - $300.00 plus two nights accommodation.

Cancun, Hawaii or Similar - Travel and accommodation x 2.....and your wedding is free!

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